It was announced this morning (10 Jan 2014) that the sale of the Dome Arena by the Monroe County Fair And Recreation Association to the Rochester Razorsharks has been terminated

This is an important news event, as that deal was at the core of the argument for moving the Monroe County Fair to Northampton Park during the Monroe County Legislature Meeting last June.  You can find all the details regarding that meeting here.  Now’s the time to ask the Monroe County Legislature and County Executive Maggie Brooks some important questions;

1) Who called the deal off; the Fair Association or the Razorsharks?

2) If the Fair Association called the deal off, what happens to the large amounts of advance money that the Razorsharks owner gave to the Fair Association last year?  Specifically would the Fair Association now have to pay it back?

3) EXACTLY how much did the “improvements” already made to Northampton Park for the Fair cost and where did that money come from? The numbers just don’t add up….. Remember no taxpayer money was to be used (that was a BIG part of the arguments at the Legislature Meeting to discuss the Northampton Park referendum).

4) At that Legislature Meeting it was stated that because the money for amendments to Northampton Park was to come from sale of the Dome Arena by the Monroe County Fair Association (a wholly independent business not associated with the County itself), if the sale did not happen then there would be no Fair at Northampton.  Hold them to it!

Call your representatives and start asking them some of these hard questions.  There’s a lot of information that’s not being disclosed, and ‘we the people’ have a right to know!  We’ll keep you updated as events warrant.