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31 Jul 2014 –  Lawsuit Over Monroe County Fair Relocation(WROC-TV)

31 Jul 2014 –  County Fair Returns, But Not Without Critics (Rochester D&C)

25 Jul 2014 –  Fair Opponents Sue County, Organizers — Again (Rochester D&C)

18 Jul 2014 – Former Monroe County Fair Director Files Lawsuit (WROC-TV)

14 Jul 2014 –  State Appeals Court Dismisses Suit Monroe County Fair Neighbor’s Lawsuit (Westside News)

10 Jun 2014 – Monroe County Fair Critics Lash Out At County, Organizers (Rochester D&C)

07 Jul 2014 – Appeals Court Tosses Suit Against Monroe County Fair (Rochester D&C)

09 Jun 2014 – County Fair Will Return to Northampton Park (Rochester D&C)

08 Apr 2014 – Relocation of County Fair Angers Residents (The Stylus, SUNY Brockport)

30 Jan 2014 – Staub Has Change of Heart; Declines Legislative Appointment (Smugtown Beacon)

15 Jan 2014 – Town Will Give Consideration To Purchase of Dome Arena (YNN, TWC Rochester)

15 Jan 2014 – Henrietta Interested In Dome Arena Site (Rochester D&C)

14 Jan 2014 – Update: Dome Arena For Sale Again (Rochester D&C)

12 Jan 2014 – Larry Staub To Resign County Parks; Will Take Mike Barker’s Legislative Seat (Smugtown Beacon)

10 Jan 2014 – Dome Sale To RazorSharks Is Off (Rochester D&C)

10 Jan 2014 – RazorSharks Withdraw Offer For Dome Arena (Rochester Business Journal)

10 Jan 2014 – Dome Arena Remains Without New Ownership (WROC-TV)

10 Jan 2014 – Dome Center Back Up For Sale (YNN, TWC Rochester)

10 Jan 2014 – Dome Arena For Sale Again (WHAM 1180)

10 Jan 2014 – No Deal For Dome Arena (13WHAM TV) *Note: erratum in associated video report; Razorsharks were to buy the Dome from the Monroe County Fair Association (MCFA), NOT “Monroe County Parks”.  The MCFA is an independent business entity not associated with Monroe County itself.

18 Nov 2013 – Dome Arena Deal In Question (13WHAM TV)

17 Nov 2013 – Dome Arena Deal Delayed Again (YNN, TWC Rochester)

17 Nov 2013 – Razorsharks Hold Save The Dome Rally (WHEC TV-10)

05 Nov 2013 – Parktoberfest Unifies Local Community (The Stylus, SUNY Brockport)

09 Aug 2013 – Letter: Why There’s Opposition To The County Fairs Relocation (Rochester D&C)

06 Aug 2013New Monroe County Fair Got Off To Poor Start; Poor Attendance Should Not Be Easily Dismissed (Rochester D&C)

06 Aug 2013Letter: County Fair Was ‘Hastily Cobbled Together’ (Rochester D&C)

05 Aug 2013 Attendance Drops At Monroe County Fair (13WHAM TV)

04 Aug 2013 – Nestor Ramos: 37 Steps for Urban Cowboys To Find Fun At The Fair (Rochester D&C)

04 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Wraps Up (YNN, TWC Rochester)

03 Aug 2013 Mixed Reviews For The New County Fair (13WHAM TV)

02 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Has Little To Do (Video) (Rochester D&C)

01 Aug 2013Slow Start For New Monroe County Fair (Rochester D&C)

01 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Begins (13WHAM TV)

01 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Kicks Off In New Location (WHEC TV-10)

01 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Settles In At New Home (YNN, TWC Rochester)

01 Aug 2013Monroe County Fair Opens At Northampton Park (WROC-TV)

27 July 2013Dome Sale Delayed, Fair Will Go On (Rochester D&C)

26 July 2013County Executive Maggie Brooks Reacts To Delay In Dome Arena Sale (News 10 NBC)

26 July 2013Update On Sale of Dome (YNN, TWC Rochester)

26 July 2013With the Dome Arena Sale Delayed, the Fair Must Go On (Webster Post)

26 July 2013Critics Of Monroe County Fair Claim The County Broke The Law (WROC-TV)

25 July 2013Dome Arena Sale Falls Through (WHEC TV-10)

25 July 2013Dome Sale Proceeding (WROC-TV)

10 July 2013Monroe County Fair Will Go On (Rochester D&C)

05 July 2013Letter: Empty Mall Lot Could Host Fair (Rochester D&C)

04 July 2013Trouble Looms Over Monroe County Fair (Rochester D&C)

26 Jun 2013Opponents of Monroe County Fair’s Move To Ogden File Lawsuit (Henrietta Post)

25 Jun 2013Attorney, Judge Spar Over Fair’s Move To Ogden (13WHAM TV)

12 Jun 2013County Legislature Votes For Fair At Northampton Park (Rochester D&C)

12 Jun 2013Monroe County Fair Moving To Ogden (WHEC TV-10)

11 Jun 2013Monroe County Fair On the Move To Ogden (YNN, TWC Rochester)

11 Jun 2013Will Officials Approve Moving Monroe County Fair? (18 WTEM, Elmira-Corning)

07 Jun 2013Neighbors Upset About Plan for Monroe County Fair (Video) (13WHAM TV; courtesy Daily Motion)

06 Jun 2013Fair At Northampton Park To Include Rides, Midway (13WHAM TV)

06 Jun 2013Northampton Park Neighbors Furious Over Fair Proposal (City Newspaper, Rochester)

05 Jun 2013 Neighbors In Ogden Resist Proposed Relocation Of Monroe County Fair (YNN, TWC Rochester)

05 Jun 2013 Proposed Move For Monroe County Fair to Northampton Park Raises Concerns (Henrietta Post)

05 Jun 2013Concerns Over Moving Monroe County Fair (WXXI News)

04 Jun 2013Monroe County Fair Move To Northampton Park Spurs Mistrust/Anger (13WHAM TV)

04 Jun 2013Monroe County Fair Move To Northampton Park Spurs Mistrust/Anger (Video) (13WHAM TV; courtesy Daily Motion)

03 Jun 2013Proposed Move For Monroe County Fair to Northampton Park Raises Concerns (WHEC TV-10)

03 Jun 2013 Public Meeting On County Fair Move Proposal 6/5 (Rochester D&C)

27 May 2013 Changes To Monroe County Fair Prompt Some Concerns (Rochester D&C)

17 Apr 2013Monroe County Seeks Agricultural Fair Operator (Rochester D&C)

10 Apr 2013New Home For Monroe County Fair (13WHAM TV)

01 Nov 2012Razorsharks Buy Dome Arena (YNN, TWC Rochester)

30 Aug 2012Dome Arena Up For Sale (Video) (WHEC TV-10)